Abandoned Magnificent Building

Abandoned Magnificent Building

Abandoned Magnificent Building – To build a magnificent building, of course, requires very large funds and a very long processing time, and of course requires a lot of workers.

Building a mega project certainly requires careful planning and smooth funding. This seems to be the cause of the billions of rupiah of buildings that have been abandoned or neglected.

Not infrequently these buildings are referred to as haunted houses or haunted buildings. What are you curious about? Starting from Indonesia to North Korea, here are nine of the grandest abandoned buildings that are finally abandoned and often create mystical nuances!

1. Nakheel Tower, United Arab Emirates

The Nakheel Tower built in Dubai should be the grandest skyscraper one kilometer tall. Officially built since 2008, in fact the construction of this tower had to stop due to the withdrawal of construction workers.

There are rumors that the construction of this apartment will continue, but until now the Nakheel Tower has not been completed.

2. Hotel Ryugyong, North Korea

A closed socialist country like North Korea also has dormant skyscrapers. Built 33 years ago, this 105-story pyramid-shaped building is heralded as the tallest hotel in the world.

In 2011 this building entered the finishing stage, but it is still being used as a display. The Ryugyong Hotel is said to be impossible to open due to the bad structure of the building.

3. Sathorn Unique Tower, Thailand

The monetary crisis that hit Asia in 1998 shattered investors’ dreams of owning a famous skyscraper with unique architecture in Bangkok. As a result, the 700 unit apartment was left stalled.

The architect, Rangsan Torsuwan, did not intend to continue the construction because he stumbled on a murder case. Another mystical thing, this building was officially closed in 2014 after foreign tourists were found hanging.

4. Forest City, Malaysia

In 2016, Malaysia built an exclusive superblock called Forest City at a super fantastic cost of US $ 100 billion. This mega project consists of 4 artificial islands, equipped with 250 thousand apartment units and will be fully completed in 2035.

But disaster strikes when investors start canceling purchases, giving the superblock the potential to become the largest uninhabited ghost town in Southeast Asia.

5. Wonderland Amusement Park, China

Big dreams that are not supported by stable funding have earned this project the nickname of the world’s most failed amusement park. Thai company Reignwood Group intended to build the largest theme park in Asia, but had to stop due to limited funds.

The surrounding land is now used by local farmers for farming and the last building structure was demolished in 2013.

6. La Sagrada Familia, Spain

La Sagrada Familia is the most unique church that has been in stall for 120 years since its first construction in the 1880s. The Spanish Civil War destroyed the original model of the building and brought development to a halt.

This half neglected building has attracted many tourists to witness its splendor. The architect, Antoni Gaudi, died tragically without ever seeing this church finished.

7. Boltd Castle, United States

The magnificent castle that was planned to be a gift for his wife, turned into a stalled building. In 1900, a billionaire named George Boldt built this castle and is said to be the largest private house in the United States.

But in early 1904, construction suddenly stopped after the death of his wife. Now the castle is managed by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority as a popular tourist attraction.

8. Rowosari Pyramid, Indonesia

Indonesia also has an abandoned magnificent building, precisely on the Rowosari hill, Tembalang District, Semarang. This Egyptian pyramid-shaped building was built around the 1990s and was forced to stall due to financial problems by the developer.

The building that was originally to be used as a property marketing office, is now being used as a mystical tourist attraction. Still standing proud and sturdy in the midst of rumors of the awesomeness of the building.