The World’s Best Fashion Museum – In general, a museum is made to be a place that is used to store items that have a lot of history in it. In fact, there are lots of museums with interesting collections besides weapons and paintings. One of them is a fashion museum that fashionistas will surely love.

The clothes displayed in these museums are not only beautiful, but also save history. So, not only spoil the eyes, you can also increase knowledge.

The World's Best Fashion Museum

1. Kobe Fashion Museum

Opened on April 25, 1997, the Kobe Fashion Museum is the first museum in Japan with a special collection of fashion. The museum has more than 9,000 clothing collections from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

The collections in this museum are not only from Japan, but from various countries. Apart from clothing, you can also see a collection of traditional accessories, photographs, movie posters, as well as fashion books and magazines from various eras.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Arts (MET)

The Metropolitan of Modern Art or The Met, located in New York, United States, has a special fashion exhibition with a different theme every year. The themes of this exhibition are in line with the theme carried at the Met Gala.

The Met itself is not a fashion-only museum, but they have their own division that handles fashion exhibitions, namely The Costume Institute.

There are 33,000 collections of clothes that are displayed in rotation according to the theme of the exhibition.

3. Palais Galliera

As a World Fashion City, it would not be complete if Paris did not have a museum with a fashion collection. Palais Galliera is a famous fashion museum in Paris which was inaugurated in 1977.

With a total of 200,000 collections of clothing and accessories, Palais Galliera shows the history of the development of world fashion from the 1730s to the present. In this museum you can also see a collection of haute couture dresses that have been worn by royal members in Europe.

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4. Victoria and Albert Museum

The museum, which was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in London, has been around for more than a hundred years. There are various types of art on display here, but the fashion exhibitions are quite popular.

Unlike other fashion museums, the Victoria and Albert Museum has a special collection of hats from various eras and cultures. This is thanks to British culture which requires everyone to wear a hat on formal occasions, so they have an interest in hat design.

5. Bata Shoe Museum

Who doesn’t know the Bata company? In addition to producing shoes and marketing them to various parts of the world, Bata also has a museum that specializes in exhibiting shoe collections. This museum is located in Toronto, Canada.

Currently there are 13,000 shoe collections from various countries and cultures. Starting from the shoes used by the Egyptians in 300 BC, traditional Chinese women’s footwear, to the shoes used by the Spice Girls personnel during gigs.…

List of Unique Museums in Estonia – There are many museums built in this world. One of the many museums found in Estonia. Estonia has museums that you must visit, there are history museums and even other museums. Museums are becoming an important destination for visitors who want to increase their knowledge about the place they are visiting. Estonia is not one of those countries that brings many delightful museums to explore.

List of Unique Museums in Estonia

1. Lennusadam Seaplane Harbor
Quoted from the idn poker android page, Lennusadam Seaplane Harbor is a maritime museum that opened in 2012. This museum is ideal for every fan of submarines, ships, marine artillery, and seaplanes.

The museum’s main attraction is the Lembit submarine of 1936. The museum is located in an old seaplane harbor, which can make it feel as if visitors are visiting a real military base.

2. Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood
The Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood is a small museum that houses an impressive collection of jewels, badges, medals and awards from many different knights.

Some of the main exhibits also include Order of the Garter, Golden Fleece, Order of the Bath and many different local Estonian orders. The museum also offers guided tours, where visitors can learn details about each item.

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3. Estonian National Museum
The Estonian National Museum is a great place to learn about Estonian history. It was accessed in 1909 in memory of Estonia’s most famous collector, Jakob Hurt.

This museum holds more than one large collection from Jakob. Visitors can find a wide variety of fascinating museum collections, ranging from traditional clothing to old weapons.

4. Tartu Art Museum
The Tartu Art Museum is the best area in the country to see the work of Estonia’s greatest modern and classical artists. Typically, two-story museums are dedicated to modern art. While the classical art exhibition is placed on the third floor. Visitors can enjoy and experience Estonian art, including more than one rare exhibit from the Soviet Union.…

List of Fictional Character Art Museums – The museums that we usually find are museums full of history that have been there. But it turns out that it’s not only the history museum that is very famous. There are also several museums filled with fictional characters in the film. Here are the data

List of Fictional Character Art Museums

1. Snoopy Museum

Who doesn’t know this cute dog character. The Snoopy Museum officially opened in 2016, but was closed as planned in 2018. Currently the Snoopy Museum has reopened in 2019 so Avians can still visit the museum at Minami-Machida Grandberry Park in Machida, Tokyo. This museum displays all the characters from the comic series by Charles M. Schulz. Besides being able to take pictures and see cute characters, Avians can also make canvas bags and make your own version of Snoopy doll, you know!

2.Ghibli Museum Mitaka

Have you ever watched “My Neighbor Totoro” or “Kiki Delivery Service”? The two animated films introduce Avians to the adorable characters of Totoro and Kiki. The animated film produced by Studio Ghibli has been widely known as a production house that introduces various characters who are able to touch people’s feelings with an interesting background story. The Ghibli Museum is located in Mitaka, Japan. Avians can see and know more about the various animated characters from Studio Ghibli, as well as visit the enchanting Ghibli production house.

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3. Hollywood Funko

If you like figurine collections, you must be familiar with Funko Pop!. Funko produces bobblehead versions of some of the most popular fictional characters loved by people around the world. He made a lot of characters, from Disney to Marvel. Avians can now see the cute character in a larger size at Funko Hollywood, Los Angeles. There, Avians will enjoy an interesting experience in seeing the world of animation and fictional characters accompanied by lights, music, and water features that can add to the atmosphere to be more pleasant.

4. Moomin Valley Park

Moomin Valley Park is an amusement park located in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. As the name suggests, the park is filled with the Moomin characters, a family of trolls who resemble hippos and were created by Tove Jansson. Avians can visit the Metsa recreation park which offers Moomin Valley Park and Metsa village which is a shopping center where Avians can buy unique and interesting Scandinavian goods.…

Unique Museums in Indonesia Unique Museums in Indonesia

Unique Museums in Indonesia – Museums usually have a lot of history in them. Museums are the most visited places by tourists to get information about a history. Not all museums in Indonesia have the theme of heroism, some museums in Indonesia have a unique theme so that they can steal the attention of tourists who will visit.

1. Kite Museum

The kite museum is a museum located in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. The purpose of establishing this museum is to preserve the kite tradition in Indonesia.

In this museum there are hundreds of collections of kites of various sizes. In addition to traditional kites, in this museum there are also kites with modern shapes.

Besides seeing kites, visitors who come can also make their own kites in this museum.

2. Tsunami Museum

The tsunami museum is one of the most popular museums in Indonesia. The Aceh Tsunami Museum is a symbolic monument to commemorate the tragedy of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Aceh.

In addition to commemorating the tsunami disaster that has occurred, the purpose of building this museum is also as an education center and an evacuation center in the event of a tsunami disaster. This museum consists of several rooms that will make visitors touched.

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3. My treasure museum

The rest of my treasure museum is a mini museum located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. This museum is a silent witness to the enormity of the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 ago.

The remains of my treasure museum stands in a house belonging to a local resident who was also affected by the eruption. Inside this museum, visitors will see the remains of objects that are evidence of the enormity of the Merapi eruption in 2010.

In this museum there is evidence in the form of photographs, animal skeletons, motorcycles, and other objects.

4. Jenang Museum

Jenang Museum is one of the museums in the Kudus area. Jenang is one of the traditional Indonesian food originating from Kudus. The jenang museum was founded by a company that produces jenang in Kudus.

This museum displays the history of jenang, the process of making it, and the equipment used to make jenang from time to time. In this museum there are also miniatures of the holy tower, the sacred traditional house, and some other interesting information about the Kudus area.

In addition to traveling, visitors can also buy souvenirs in the form of Jenang produced in this place as well as goods from SMEs.…

musium musium

The Best Museums in Indonesia Recommended for a Fun Vacation – Besides we can get to know the history more deeply, take pictures at instagenic spots, we also won’t get too hot while traveling. Which museums can you visit?

1. Museum Angkut – Batu

Museum Angkut dikenal dengan koleksi transportasinya, baik di Indonesia maupun level dunia. Berbagai macam jenis transportasi bisa kamu temui di sini, mulai dari sepeda, mobil, kapal hingga pesawat. Museum Angkut ini digadang sebagai museum transportasi pertama dan terbesar di seluruh Asia Tenggara. Saking bagusnya, kamu harus siap-siap dengan antreannya yang panjang saat ke sini.

2. Museum Nasional Indonesia – Jakarta

The museum, which is located in the center of the capital city of Jakarta, is the largest in Indonesia. This museum is also often known as the Elephant Museum, because of the bronze elephant statue given by King Chulalongkorn of Thailand in 1871. This European-style museum holds about 141,000 historical and prehistoric objects from various periods.

3. Museum Fatahillah – Jakarta

Fatahillah Museum is located in the Old City of Jakarta and was once the City Hall of Jakarta during the Old Batavia era. On March 30, 1974, the building was turned into a museum containing relics of that era. Inside there are a total of 23,500 historical objects, both in original and replica forms.

4. Museum Blanco Renaissance – Ubud

Bali is not only a fun hangout place, but also a place that is thick with art. One of them is the Blanco Renaissance Museum, founded by Antonio Blanco, an artist of Spanish descent. Antonio has traveled the world to deepen his knowledge of art. Until finally he stopped in Bali in 1952. Inside this museum, there are various kinds of paintings that Antonio had made, before his death in 1999

5. Museum Ullen Sentalu – Yogyakarta

Located in Sleman Regency, the Ullen Sentalu museum showcases ancient Javanese culture and heritage from the nobles during the Mataram Dynasty. The name Ullen Sentalu is an abbreviation of the Javanese language “ulating blencong benarne tataraning lumaku”, which means “the light of the blencong (shadow puppet) is a human guide in stepping and living life”.

6. Museum Tsunami Aceh – Banda Aceh

This is a symbolic museum created as a tribute to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2004. This museum is also an educational center and an emergency shelter, in the event of a similar disaster again. Designed by Ridwan Kamil, this building has a room dedicated to honoring the tsunami victims by displaying their names all over the walls.

7. Museum Siwalima – Ambon

The museum is located in Ambon Bay, which makes this place even more exotic. Siwalima comes from the word ‘shiva’ taken from the word Ulisiwa which means nine and ‘five’ is taken from Patalima which means five. Thousands of collections on marine, geology, biology, and many others from Maluku are here.

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8. Museum House of Sampoerna – Surabaya

The building, which was once a stage building, is owned by the largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia, Sampoerna. Inside, you will find a collection of cigarettes from the first time they were made to today’s modern cigarettes.

From the second floor, you can see the process of how cigarettes are made from the Sampoerna factory which is located next door. Not only a museum, but this place also provides a cafe for those of you who are tired of walking around.

9. Museum Geologi – Bandung

For those of you who are interested in dinosaurs and ancient fossils, then this museum is for you. This building was formerly guarded by JICA Japan (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Inaugurated on August 23, 2000, the Geological Museum is used as a place for research and education purposes.

A number of collections and materials are here, mainly related to the world of geology such as rocks, fossils, and minerals as well as natural conditions. For example, such as natural disasters to the use of earth resources.

10. Museum Rekor Indonesia – Semarang

Better known as MURI, this museum located in Semarang has recorded and kept a collection of records that various Indonesians have done.

Since it was inaugurated in 1990, the enthusiasm of Indonesians to break records has been increasing, both on a national and international scale. You who want to break history too, can check the records that already exist in this museum.…

Classic Motorcycle Museum in Malang Classic Motorcycle Museum in Malang

Classic Motorcycle Museum in Malang – Classic motorbikes are one of the antiques that have a special attraction for lovers, with a special attraction for many people who flock to see them.

The officer will direct visitors to look at the classic motorcycle collection. Open every weekend, the Classic Motor Museum, which was developed by SMK NMC (National Media Center), is starting to attract tourists. Located on Jl Simpang Candi Panggung, Tunggulwulung, Malang City, the museum has 200 old motorbikes from a number of well-known automotive brands.

1. Collections from the 1930s to the latest

The collection of old motorbikes in the museum is very diverse. Starting from the type of Vespa, duck motorbike to the clutch motor, everything is there. The output year of the two-wheeled vehicle also varies from the 1930s in the form of a duck motorbike and a clutch motorbike to the Vespa type motorbike output in 2021 in the museum.

Some motorbikes also have a special history because the same model was used for filming. For example, the Honda CB 100 motorbike used for the Dilan film until the third sequel. Likewise with the Suzuki TS 100 motorbike that Raja Dangdut Rhoma Irama had used to shoot the Camelia film around 1979.

“We bring all of these collections from all over Indonesia. There is a special team looking for this classic motorbike online,” explained Azhar Arkho, manager of the National Media Center SMK NMC Classic Motor Museum, Tuesday (11/5/2021).

2. Museum as well as learning media

Furthermore, Azhar added that the classic motorbikes were not in full good condition initially. Not a few have been damaged or some spare parts are incomplete. Before entering the display, these motors will first undergo a restoration process according to the initial model when the motor was manufactured. The restoration process itself is only about polishing the paint, but there are also those who reassemble the vehicle.

“All those who carry out the restoration are from the teachers at the SMK NMC itself. So this is also a lesson for teachers at the NMC SMK,” he added.

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3. The whole collection of motorbikes can be used

Interestingly, all the classic motorbike collections can still be operated. In fact, the complete vehicle documents are still available. Taxes from each vehicle are also paid regularly.

“The letters are all still complete. There is no collection here that is bogus. Even the oldest motorbike STNK collections are still there and active,” he continued.

4. Educational events for young people

Another thing to convey through this classic motorbike museum, according to Azhar, is education for the younger generation. “For the old generation, this is also a nostalgia event that they used to have a motorbike like the one in this museum,” he continued.

The Classic Motor Museum itself was opened on Saturday (8/5/2021). For the first three months, the manager does not charge an entrance fee for visitors who want to come. But they were asked to register first through the online channel so that there was no mass build-up in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.…

Exotic Museum in Sarawak Exotic Museum in Sarawak

Exotic Museum in Sarawak – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all people, along with exotic museums in Sarawak.

Malaysia is a country with various ethnic groups in it. This diversity does not only affect the local culture, but also the buildings that are there. Apart from this diversity, its long history has also influenced it.

So don’t be surprised if you find many buildings with different architectural styles. Some of these buildings are also used as tourist objects. Visitors can enjoy its beauty as well as learn about the history contained in it. As seen in the buildings below.

1. Sarawak State Museum is designed in the style of a house in the City of Normandy. Here there is a collection of ethnography and history of the city of Sarawak

2. Fort Margherita was built in 1879 in the style of an English castle. Formerly functioned to protect the Kuching area from pirate attacks

3. At the Sarawak Cultural Village visitors can experience the indigenous culture of the community and visit the traditional houses of the local tribes

4. Astana is a palace located on the north bank of the Sarawak River. This palace was built by Charlese Brooke as a wedding gift

5. Darul Hana Bridge is a bridge that connects the Golden Gate and Tower Bridge. 335 meters long by 3.25 meters wide

6. Tua Pek Kong Temple is near Kuching’s waterfront. This temple is part of the Kuching Heritage Trail and was undergoing renovations

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7. The Old Pek Kong Temple was built around the 1850s in the typical style of Chinese Taoist temple architecture. The material is imported from China

8. The Upside Down House is located in the Kuching area. The interior is intentionally installed upside down and is suitable for your photo backdrop

9. The New Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building is a meeting place for assembly members for deliberation