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Iconic and Aesthetic Buildings in Barcelona Iconic and Aesthetic Buildings in Barcelona

Iconic and Aesthetic Buildings in Barcelona – Barcelona is not only famous for its football club, the city is also very famous for its very iconic and aesthetic buildings.

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in Spain. Its culture and also the beauty of the magnificent buildings that surround the city attract tourists to come to visit.

The architectural design in this city is the most unique and second to none, you know. One of the most legendary designers who is famous is Antonio Gaudi with his stunning works.

1. The Nacional d’Art Museum is a visual arts museum located right on the Montjuic hill with magnificent buildings and aesthetic man-made waterfalls

2. With a unique design, the Cathedral of Barcelona invites tourists to take pictures in front of the 53 meter high building

3. One of the iconic buildings by Gaudi built in 1877 is Casa Batllo which is a favorite tourist spot in the center of Barcalona.

4. One of the concert halls with stunning classical interiors is the Palau de la Musica Catalana which can accommodate 300 thousand visitors, you know

5. Casa Mila is also a tourist attraction designed by Gaudi that has instagramable spots in every corner, like this one

6. Being the gateway to prestigious exhibitions, Arco de Triunfo is an iconic building with beautiful sculptures adorning its walls

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7. Not just a park, Park Guell offers nature reserves and biodiversity with aesthetic buildings that surround it

8. The basilica, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026, is a large Roman Catholic church which is a UNESCO cultural heritage, you know!

9. Even though the building in the form of a church is not finished yet, Colonia Guell still attracts visitors to see Gaudi’s work