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Architecture Tour in London – Tourist attractions in London are not only Tower Bridge and also the Big Ben Big Clock. There are still many tourist attractions in London that are quite interesting and you must visit. London, which is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and also the largest urban zone in the European Union.

Many buildings in London still retain medieval architecture. This makes London a romantic place and also full of historic architecture. London is also a leading global city that excels in the arts, business, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, health, media, professional services, research, tourism development and much more.

Tourist attractions in London are also included in the city that is often visited by tourists to enjoy its tourism. This is evident from the airport which is listed as the busiest airport in the world based on international passenger traffic. These international passengers, of course, want to visit London for business or education, as well as many who come to London for a tour to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Here is an architectural tour:

The Shard
As the name suggests, The Shard, which means shard, this building is designed to resemble broken glass. With 11,000 glass panels, equivalent to the area of 8 football fields, the cost of building this high-rise building reached 435 million pounds (8 trillion rupiah).

At 309 meters high and 95 floors, The Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the European Union. One of the apartment units in this building has 7 bedrooms, 2 floors and is located at a height of 224 meters. The price of this unit is rumored to reach 50 million pounds (or the equivalent of 940 billion rupiah).

Walkie Talkie Building
As the name suggests, the shape of this building resembles a walkie talkie. Completed in 2014, this building has a height of 160 meters, 37 floors and costs 200 million pounds (3.7 trillion rupiah).

Due to its curved shape, the building reflects sunlight to a single point on the road in front of it. In one summer, the reflected light can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius, damaging several cars parked on the road. To prevent the same, the building facade is now equipped with a sun shade to reduce the extreme reflection of the sun.

The Gherkin
Built on the site of the 1992 IRA (terrorist organization aimed at turning Northern Ireland into a republic and separation from Great Britain) bombings that occurred in 1992, The Gherkin is a prime example of modern architecture in London.

The 41-story building is 180 meters high and was built at a cost of around £200 million. This building is nicknamed The Gherkin because of its shape that resembles a cucumber (gherkin is a type of cucumber). Its unique shape coupled with a steel structure that is clearly visible from the outside (the technical name is diagrid structure design) and an energy-efficient design, has caused The Gherkin to receive many awards in the field of design and architecture.

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Lloyd’s Building
These buildings are known as outbuildings because the mechanical and electrical components, which are usually hidden inside the building, are placed outside to maximize the space inside the building.

From the outside, The Lloyd’s Building looks like a factory, even though this building is an office building. Completed in 1986, The Lloyd’s Building is the youngest building to be added to the list of historic buildings in the United Kingdom.

St. Cathedral Paul
Completed in 1711, St. Paul is one of the most famous tourist destinations in London. The cathedral survived World War II when thousands of Nazi planes attacked and bombed London.
View of St. Cathedral Paul stood tall and majestic surrounded by smoke in the morning after a hail of bombs strengthened the morale and struggle of the British people.

St Paul’s Cathedral is used for services to commemorate many important things, such as the funeral of Admiral Nelson (one of Britain’s greatest heroes), the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill (the Prime Minister who led the British Empire in World War II), the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and celebrations. Queen Elizabeth’s 80th and 90th Birthdays.

Did the reader know that because this building is so important, the layout of the city and high-rise buildings in London is arranged in such a way that the dome of St. Paul can be seen from many corners of London? If you get lost in London, just use St. Cathedral. Paul as a guide.

Royal Museums Greenwich
It is an organization of 4 museums located in Greenwich, London. The four museums are the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark. Below is a photo of the Queen’s House which was once the residence of the royal family. It was built from 1616 to 1635 for the use of Queen Anne, consort of King James I.
Today the Queen’s House is one of the most important buildings in the history of British architecture because it was the first building to be built in detail and systematically according to the classical style.…

gedung singa gedung singa

The Mystery of The “Lion Building” in Surabaya – Sunday morning is a more relaxed time to enjoy the city streets. The traffic is not too congested by vehicles. If you want to make documentation is also easier. But maybe not much information is obtained, because it’s quiet.

It doesn’t matter, today, technological advances make it easier. Primary information can actually be retrieved later. Sometimes it’s just an amplifier. That may be a revolution of ideas in making news.

Lion House

The city center of Surabaya during the Dutch East Indies was in the Red Bridge area. Definitely know this location. There is also a song that made him famous. Moreover, the incident of 10 November 1945. The assassination of Brigadier General Aubertin Walter Sothern (A.W.S.) Mallaby on 30 October of the same year, also in the area around here.

Not far from the historic Bridge, only a few tens of meters of steps, there is an ancient building with 2-3 floors which is quite artsy. At the main entrance there are two statues of lions that seem to be “guardians”. Hence, the plural term pinned is “The Lion Building”.
Unfortunately, the building, which is located at Jalan Jembatan Merah Number 19-23 (in plaque number 15 ) seems to be unkempt when viewed from the outside. Well, what makes ‘trenyuh’ (pity, pity, dear) is the stretch of banners that signify that the building, which is said to be 120 years old, will soon be sold. Even though its status is BCB (a cultural heritage building) since 1998.

Ah, I don’t feel willing if this historic building gets out of hand and goes into the wrong hands, It might be destroyed too, like so many things have happened. As actively voiced by the community movement for history, city architecture, which wants the City Government to save it. Of course, by buying it, and being able to use it as a museum or whatever it’s called.

Building History

The Singa Building has changed its name and designation several times. That said, the construction period began in 1901.

Previously, this building was the “Office of the General Company for Life Insurance and Old Age Benefits” (Algemeene Maatschappij van Levensverzekering en Lijfrente). In his time, he became the largest life insurance company in the Netherlands. It was officially founded in 1880, but went out of business in 1921. Circulating historical sources state that when it was still the Algemeene building, at the top of the building there was a writing board indicating that the building was once occupied by PT. Aperdi Java Maluku. So, for the local community, it is also called the Aperdi Building.

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The building, which also has ceramic paintings at the top, was built by an architect named Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1856-1934). In the Netherlands itself, he is considered the Father of Modern Architecture. And his work also inspired the world of architecture in Europe and the world in general. The design of the building he designed is Art Nouveau, with a red brick arch model as a characteristic. As for the laying of the first stone of the insurance company was carried out on July 21, 1901 by John von Hemert.

The two lion statues that are the hallmarks of this building are said to have been made by the sculptor J. Mendes Da Costa. Well, if you look at it at a glance, it looks the same. However, they are actually a couple. The male lion is on the south side (right). While the lioness on the north side (left).

Why is this lion used as a marker? It is said that this was also influenced by “archeological discoveries in Egypt” at that time. Then this also gave rise to a new exoticism in Europe. Not only in terms of knowledge, but also ancient Egyptian culture that appears in museums in Europe. The purpose of providing a lion statue and ceramic paintings that decorate the building respectively show elements from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Symbolizes eternity. Like an implied message that the customer’s money will be safe forever in this company.

Rich Color History

Looking up at the cross-section of the facade, it is clear that the ceramic embellishments are illustrated, even though they have been slightly faded by dust. Well, this is what makes it different again, namely the very famous artist at that time, Jan Toorop. This painting also has a special philosophy in the company that ordered it.

Jan Toorop paints a Javanese king sitting in the center with his arms and wings outstretched. There is a line on the chest that forms the letter A (perhaps Algameene’s initials). To his right was a woman dressed in European style holding a blonde baby.

While on the left, there is a picture of a woman wearing a bun in Javanese traditional clothes. He was also seen holding a baby. The difference is, the baby has black hair. The message to be conveyed may be about equality between nations. Both Indonesians and Europeans or other nationalities receive the same treatment.

Right in front of the Lion Building – if you position yourself from the direction of the building – you can clearly see a large river that used to be the lifeblood of transportation. Algemeene’s office in Surabaya follows the traditional Dutch concept. A row of buildings overlooking the canal, with a beautiful facade, as representative of the status of the owner.…

bangunan bangunan

10 Tallest Skyscrapers in Indonesia – It seems that the construction of skyscrapers has now become a global trend. Apart from being used as offices, hotels, or other facilities, tall buildings can also become landmarks

Based on data from The Skyscrapper Center, so far (2020) Indonesia has 103 skyscrapers with a height of more than 150 meters. The buildings are spread across several metropolitan cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Here are the 10 tallest skyscrapers in Indonesia that have been successfully built and used for the public.

1. Gama Tower (285.5 meters)

The building, known as Cemindo Tower or Rasuna Tower, has a height of 285.5 meters and consists of 64 floors. This building is used as a hotel and office building. The hotel located on the top floor of this building is The Westin, making it the tallest hotel in Indonesia.

The tallest building in Indonesia has been certified Greenship Gold, which is a green building certification. Being the highest number one in Indonesia, Gama Tower was ranked 93 in the Asian continent and ranked 162 in the world.

2. Treasury Tower (279.5 meters)

Treasury Tower is the next tallest building in Indonesia which is located in Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) precisely at Lot 8. This building is an area with six apartments, three office buildings, and one hotel. This building has 57 floors that function as offices.

In addition to being tall, this building also has the first double decker lift in Indonesia that allows two cars (lifts) on a single hoistway (cable) to work simultaneously. That way, the carrying capacity is doubled and more efficient.

3. Wisma 46 (261.9 meters)

Towering as high as 261.9 meters, Wisma 46 has 46 floors. PT Swadharma Primautama completed the construction in 1996. Wisma 46 operates as an office and is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kavling 1. Currently, the building known as BNI City Tower is ranked 266 in the world and 152 in Asia.

4. Astra Tower (261.5 meters)

The fourth position is filled by the new Astra Tower. Functioning as an office building, the construction of this building was just completed in 2018. The building owned by PT Astra International Tbk. It is located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman. With a height of 261.5 meters, Menara Astra is the 156th tallest in Asia.

5. Sahid Sudirman Center (258 meters)

This building was first built in 2012 and completed in 2015. KSO Sahid Megatama Karya Gemilang operates this building as an office building. As the name suggests, this skyscraper is located on Jalan Sudirman. With 59 floors and a height of 258 meters, Sahid Sudirman Center occupies the 170th position for the tallest building in Asia.

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6. Hotel Raffles (257 meters)

Raffles Hotel or also known as Ciputra World Hotel Tower is located in the golden triangle of Kuningan and is one of the tallest buildings in Indonesia.

Has a height of 257 meters and 52 floors above ground and 3 basement floors. The hotel which was completed in 2015 is very close to Lotte World Mall so you don’t have to go far to get entertainment.

7. Millennium Centennial Center (254 meters)

Millennium Centennial Center or also known as Millennium Office Tower is an office building located in Sudirman. This building has 53 floors above ground and 6 basement floors with a parking capacity of 750 vehicles making it one of the tallest buildings in Indonesia.

8. The Pakubuwono Signature (252 meters)

The Pakubuwono Signature was first built in 2011. This next tallest building in Indonesia is located in a premium area of South Jakarta and has a height of 252 meters with 50 floors. Currently, Pakubuwono Signature is one of the tallest residential buildings in Indonesia.

This tall building is better known as the Pakubuwono Apartment and has 5 skyscrapers within its area: Eaglewood, Cottonwood, Sandalwood, Ironwood, and Basswood. The total residential in Pakubuwono Signature is 639 units.

9. Sinarmas MSIG Tower (245 meters)

This skyscraper, also known as the Chase Tower, is the headquarters of the insurance company Sinarmas MSIG.

The next tallest building in Indonesia was established in 2015 with a height of 245 meters and consists of 48 floors. This building functions as an office and is close to Setiabudi MRT Station which can be reached on foot.

10. World Capital Tower (244 meters)

World Capital Tower is located in the center of the Kuningan business district and has a building area of 57,000 m2. This office building has a height of 244 meters and consists of 54 floors. Kuningan City, Ambassador Mall, and ITC Kuningan can only be reached by walking.

In this building there are 25 lifts divided into four zones: Low Zone, Mid Low Zone, Mid High Zone and High Zone, as well as special service lifts and executive lifts.

Other facilities in the building include 800 parking lots, ATMs, food courts and banks.…

Iconic and Aesthetic Buildings in Barcelona Iconic and Aesthetic Buildings in Barcelona

Iconic and Aesthetic Buildings in Barcelona – Barcelona is not only famous for its football club, the city is also very famous for its very iconic and aesthetic buildings.

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in Spain. Its culture and also the beauty of the magnificent buildings that surround the city attract tourists to come to visit.

The architectural design in this city is the most unique and second to none, you know. One of the most legendary designers who is famous is Antonio Gaudi with his stunning works.

1. The Nacional d’Art Museum is a visual arts museum located right on the Montjuic hill with magnificent buildings and aesthetic man-made waterfalls

2. With a unique design, the Cathedral of Barcelona invites tourists to take pictures in front of the 53 meter high building

3. One of the iconic buildings by Gaudi built in 1877 is Casa Batllo which is a favorite tourist spot in the center of Barcalona.

4. One of the concert halls with stunning classical interiors is the Palau de la Musica Catalana which can accommodate 300 thousand visitors, you know

5. Casa Mila is also a tourist attraction designed by Gaudi that has instagramable spots in every corner, like this one

6. Being the gateway to prestigious exhibitions, Arco de Triunfo is an iconic building with beautiful sculptures adorning its walls

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7. Not just a park, Park Guell offers nature reserves and biodiversity with aesthetic buildings that surround it

8. The basilica, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026, is a large Roman Catholic church which is a UNESCO cultural heritage, you know!

9. Even though the building in the form of a church is not finished yet, Colonia Guell still attracts visitors to see Gaudi’s work

Best Architectural Buildings Best Architectural Buildings

Best Architectural Buildings – Architecture in construction is certainly very important, an architect that can beautify the appearance of the building and its splendor.

Korean drama or kdrama, who doesn’t know about this South Korean drama series? By presenting an interesting storyline and charming actors and artists, it is not surprising that kdrama is very popular even outside South Korea.

Not only that, but kdrama also offers beautiful views for those of you who watch it. Selection of a slick shooting location not only in South Korea but also abroad, you know. With a beautiful building design, it makes kdrama more attractive and amazes the audience. And below are seven architecturally striking structures that make up the backdrop of popular kdrama venues.

1. Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Those of you who have watched Record of Youth, Love Alarm, Perfume, Are You Human, Fated to Love, The Producers and My Love From The Stars must be familiar with Dongdaemun Design Plaza or DDP by Zaha Hadid Architects. The building was completed in 2014. It is the first project in South Korea built using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

Allows architects to tailor design and construction to the client’s evolving design whim. The façade is made of a cladding system of 45,000 panels of various sizes and degrees of curvature, designed using a parametric modeling system, thus saving costs. The façade is animated by the reflection of the LED lights emanating from the surrounding buildings.

2. Changdeokgung Palace

If you watched Kingdom Seasons 1 and 2, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, Rooftop Prince and Jewel in the Palace, you must have seen Changdeokgung Palace. A building that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. This palace is a witness to the history of South Korea.

A palace most favored by the princes of Joseon. Like many other historical sites, this palace has been damaged several times, especially from the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1910-1945. Its current state reportedly comprises 30% of its original building design.

3. The Eiffel Tower and The Jardins du Trocadero

Being a setting in the kdrama The Package, the main monument of the City of Lights and its surroundings has been on the list of many tourist destinations. The Jardins du Trocadero was originally planned by Adolphe Alphand for the Exposition Universelle in 1878, but as we know it today, it was eventually designed by the Paris Architect, Roger-Henri Expert, for the Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans La Vie Moderne Exhibition in 1937.

Towering above it across the Seine is the Eiffel Tower, designed by Engineer Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World’s Fair.The Eiffel Tower is considered a symbol of the city of Paris, which had become the tallest man-made building in the world, before being surpassed by the Chrysler Building in New York in 1930. Today, the Eiffel Tower has the highest public-accessible observation deck in Europe at 276 m above the ground.

4. Fontaine de Tourny

Goblin kdrama fans know this location. Originally designed by sculptor Mathurin Moreau in 1853 and exhibited at the 1855 World’s Fair, six of these fountains were in Bourdeaux, Quebec’s twin city, until the 2000s, when businessman Peter Simons saw one of them at an antiques dealer. and was presented to Quebec City for the 400th anniversary of its founding.

This gift was created to thank the townspeople for protecting fashion retailer Simons, which has been doing business in Quebec since 1840.

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5. Church of the Heart

Located in a wooded neighborhood in Maiim Vision Village, Church of the Heart was designed by modern Japanese architect Tadao Ando. This church is the setting for the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim where Lee Young Joon proposed to Kim Mi So.

Describing the harmony between nature and the artificial environment was Ando’s goal in designing this church. The silhouette of the cross appears to float in the trees surrounding the chapel, making it a charming focal point for this serene and homely environment.

6. The Alhambra

Avid Hyun Bin fans know about this place from the drama Memories of Alhambra, where Hyun Bin plays with Park Shin Hye. This magnificent complex is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Described by Moorish poets as pearl set in emeralds, this palace fort complex was originally built in 889 AD on the remains of a Roman fort and was rebuilt in the 13th century by the emir Nasrid Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada, who was in charge of it. over many intricate details.…

The Oldest Building in the World The Oldest Building in the World

The Oldest Building in the World – Buildings that have been built for a long time certainly have their own characteristics, many old buildings still look good and unique in the world.

For you fans of history or archeology, surely you have thought about the old buildings that have ever existed in the world. Indeed, there are a lot of old buildings that still exist today. In fact, most of these buildings were built in the thousands of years BC.

Certainly these buildings are now protected, either by individual countries or international organizations such as UNESCO. Here are 5 of the oldest buildings in the world that still exist today.

1. Knap of Howar, Scotland

Knap of Howar is an old building located on Papa Westray Island, Scotland. This building is a residence for people in ancient times. Reported by, this building was formed in 3600 BC.

Within this site, there are two large, rounded rectangular building walls adjacent to the entrance facing the sea. Even though it is very old, this building is still intact even though it is often visited by tourists.

2. The Ġgantija temples, Malta

The Ġgantija shrines are one of the oldest temples in the world. The temple which is included in the world cultural heritage by UNESCO is located in the country of Malta. The age of this temple is believed to be around 3200-3600 BC.

According to Gozitan folklore, in the history of the construction of this temple, there was a giant woman who only ate long beans and honey and could give birth to a child from an ordinary person. With the child hanging from her shoulders, the woman built these temples and used them as places of worship.

3. Tarxien Temples, Malta

Malta is known to have several historical buildings. Apart from having the Ġgantija Temples, Malta also has another one of the oldest buildings in the world, the Tarxien Temple. This building is believed to have been built in 2500-3600 BC.

The function of this building is as a place of worship and ritual. One of the rituals that was carried out in this building in ancient times was animal sacrifice. In addition, the remains of cremation were also found in this temple.

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4. Shunet el-Zebib, Egypt

Shunet el-Zebib is a building built during the reign of King Khasekhemwy in Egypt. The building is believed to have been built around 2750 BC. The building is made of very strong mud bricks and forms a very long wall.

This building was made as a place of worship for the previous kings. Although it has survived to this day, many parts of this building have collapsed. To find this historical building, you can visit an area called Abydos in Egypt.

5. Kingdom of Knossos, Greece

In ancient times, there was a kingdom in Greece called Knossos. Until now, there is still a relic site from the kingdom in the form of a building located in Crete, Greece. This building is believed to have been built in 1950 BC.

This kingdom began to be abandoned due to natural disasters and civil wars that occurred in their area. There is no specific time yet as to when the inhabitants there began to leave the Kingdom of Knossos.…

Abandoned Magnificent Building Abandoned Magnificent Building

Abandoned Magnificent Building – To build a magnificent building, of course, requires very large funds and a very long processing time, and of course requires a lot of workers.

Building a mega project certainly requires careful planning and smooth funding. This seems to be the cause of the billions of rupiah of buildings that have been abandoned or neglected.

Not infrequently these buildings are referred to as haunted houses or haunted buildings. What are you curious about? Starting from Indonesia to North Korea, here are nine of the grandest abandoned buildings that are finally abandoned and often create mystical nuances!

1. Nakheel Tower, United Arab Emirates

The Nakheel Tower built in Dubai should be the grandest skyscraper one kilometer tall. Officially built since 2008, in fact the construction of this tower had to stop due to the withdrawal of construction workers.

There are rumors that the construction of this apartment will continue, but until now the Nakheel Tower has not been completed.

2. Hotel Ryugyong, North Korea

A closed socialist country like North Korea also has dormant skyscrapers. Built 33 years ago, this 105-story pyramid-shaped building is heralded as the tallest hotel in the world.

In 2011 this building entered the finishing stage, but it is still being used as a display. The Ryugyong Hotel is said to be impossible to open due to the bad structure of the building.

3. Sathorn Unique Tower, Thailand

The monetary crisis that hit Asia in 1998 shattered investors’ dreams of owning a famous skyscraper with unique architecture in Bangkok. As a result, the 700 unit apartment was left stalled.

The architect, Rangsan Torsuwan, did not intend to continue the construction because he stumbled on a murder case. Another mystical thing, this building was officially closed in 2014 after foreign tourists were found hanging.

4. Forest City, Malaysia

In 2016, Malaysia built an exclusive superblock called Forest City at a super fantastic cost of US $ 100 billion. This mega project consists of 4 artificial islands, equipped with 250 thousand apartment units and will be fully completed in 2035.

But disaster strikes when investors start canceling purchases, giving the superblock the potential to become the largest uninhabited ghost town in Southeast Asia.

5. Wonderland Amusement Park, China

Big dreams that are not supported by stable funding have earned this project the nickname of the world’s most failed amusement park. Thai company Reignwood Group intended to build the largest theme park in Asia, but had to stop due to limited funds.

The surrounding land is now used by local farmers for farming and the last building structure was demolished in 2013.

6. La Sagrada Familia, Spain

La Sagrada Familia is the most unique church that has been in stall for 120 years since its first construction in the 1880s. The Spanish Civil War destroyed the original model of the building and brought development to a halt.

This half neglected building has attracted many tourists to witness its splendor. The architect, Antoni Gaudi, died tragically without ever seeing this church finished.

7. Boltd Castle, United States

The magnificent castle that was planned to be a gift for his wife, turned into a stalled building. In 1900, a billionaire named George Boldt built this castle and is said to be the largest private house in the United States.

But in early 1904, construction suddenly stopped after the death of his wife. Now the castle is managed by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority as a popular tourist attraction.

8. Rowosari Pyramid, Indonesia

Indonesia also has an abandoned magnificent building, precisely on the Rowosari hill, Tembalang District, Semarang. This Egyptian pyramid-shaped building was built around the 1990s and was forced to stall due to financial problems by the developer.

The building that was originally to be used as a property marketing office, is now being used as a mystical tourist attraction. Still standing proud and sturdy in the midst of rumors of the awesomeness of the building.…