Classic Motorcycle Museum in Malang

Classic Motorcycle Museum in Malang

Classic Motorcycle Museum in Malang – Classic motorbikes are one of the antiques that have a special attraction for lovers, with a special attraction for many people who flock to see them.

The officer will direct visitors to look at the classic motorcycle collection. Open every weekend, the Classic Motor Museum, which was developed by SMK NMC (National Media Center), is starting to attract tourists. Located on Jl Simpang Candi Panggung, Tunggulwulung, Malang City, the museum has 200 old motorbikes from a number of well-known automotive brands.

1. Collections from the 1930s to the latest

The collection of old motorbikes in the museum is very diverse. Starting from the type of Vespa, duck motorbike to the clutch motor, everything is there. The output year of the two-wheeled vehicle also varies from the 1930s in the form of a duck motorbike and a clutch motorbike to the Vespa type motorbike output in 2021 in the museum.

Some motorbikes also have a special history because the same model was used for filming. For example, the Honda CB 100 motorbike used for the Dilan film until the third sequel. Likewise with the Suzuki TS 100 motorbike that Raja Dangdut Rhoma Irama had used to shoot the Camelia film around 1979.

“We bring all of these collections from all over Indonesia. There is a special team looking for this classic motorbike online,” explained Azhar Arkho, manager of the National Media Center SMK NMC Classic Motor Museum, Tuesday (11/5/2021).

2. Museum as well as learning media

Furthermore, Azhar added that the classic motorbikes were not in full good condition initially. Not a few have been damaged or some spare parts are incomplete. Before entering the display, these motors will first undergo a restoration process according to the initial model when the motor was manufactured. The restoration process itself is only about polishing the paint, but there are also those who reassemble the vehicle.

“All those who carry out the restoration are from the teachers at the SMK NMC itself. So this is also a lesson for teachers at the NMC SMK,” he added.

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3. The whole collection of motorbikes can be used

Interestingly, all the classic motorbike collections can still be operated. In fact, the complete vehicle documents are still available. Taxes from each vehicle are also paid regularly.

“The letters are all still complete. There is no collection here that is bogus. Even the oldest motorbike STNK collections are still there and active,” he continued.

4. Educational events for young people

Another thing to convey through this classic motorbike museum, according to Azhar, is education for the younger generation. “For the old generation, this is also a nostalgia event that they used to have a motorbike like the one in this museum,” he continued.

The Classic Motor Museum itself was opened on Saturday (8/5/2021). For the first three months, the manager does not charge an entrance fee for visitors who want to come. But they were asked to register first through the online channel so that there was no mass build-up in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.